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Mrs S. Locke - Head Teacher
Ms N. Almond - Deputy Head Teacher

Teaching Staff:

Mrs S. Locke 
Mrs R. McGrane (EYFS)
Miss B. Bailey (Year 1) 
Mrs C. Webb  (EYFS & Year 5)
Miss L. Eglington   (Year 2) - KS1 Manager
Ms A. Bateman  (Year 3) 
Mrs A. Read   (Year 4) 
Ms N. Almond  (Year 5) 
Mrs K. Heydon  (Year 6)

SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator):

Mrs R. McGrane

Trainee Teachers:

Miss E. Lane
Mrs R. Rowe

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs L. Melville  
Mrs T. Smith  
Mrs K. Warrick
Mrs W. Hickman
Mrs R. Waghorn  
Mrs A. Dale
Mrs R. Barker
Mrs L. Anderson
Mrs N. Merry-Lidbury

Wellbeing Mentor:

Mrs J. Munson

Breakfast Club and After School Club Leader

Mrs N. Pass
Mrs R. Waghorn

ICT Technician:

Mr T. Potter

Office Staff:

Mrs J. Munson  - Office Manager
Mrs S. Wakeling
Mrs S. Longman
Mrs L. Whyburd


Mr R. Ager - Caretaker  
Mrs C. Fairbrother - Cleaner

Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs T. Swallow

Midday Assistants:

Mrs N. Pass  
Miss G. Milne  
Mrs D. Leitch  
Mrs J. Denny

Catering Team:

Ms H. Kuta Catering Manger  
Mrs J. Bradford  
Mrs R. Waghorn

Extended Day Team:

Mrs N. Pass
Mrs R. Waghorn