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Milldene School is a safe, happy and ambitious community where every child and their family are valued.

Confidence, creativity and curiosity enable each child to discover a world of possiblities.

'Living and Learning Together'

At Milldene School we aim to:  

-  Give children an experience and knowledge of the wider world.   
-  Develop an awareness of the world through first hand experience.   
-  Help our children to develop enquiring minds, through exploration and discovery, within a carefully managed learning environment.   
-  Use the whole school environment to provide areas of stimulation, privacy and quiet.   
-  Develop the confidence, self-esteem and independence of our children.   
-  Help our children to show consideration and respect for others and develop an understanding of other cultures and beliefs.   
-  Ensure our children have an understanding that they have responsibilities as well as rights, which help them in valuing the feelings, interests and views of all members of the community.